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The 4 main obstacles that could prevent you from becoming a teacher in Japan

Ok, so, you decided: you want to become a teacher in Japan. I think that you are already aware of the following truth, but becoming a teacher in Japan is far from easy. Getting a tenured job in Japan as a teacher is no piece of cake. Before the recruitment examination itself, there are some obstacles that may prevent you from achieving your dream. By knowing them in advance, you will be able to set up a strategy that will

The different types of teaching licenses in Japan

Usually, a teacher who does not possess a teaching license can’t be fully in charge of a class, nor can he be a tenured teacher at a school in Japan. He can only be an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher). Though there are some ALTs who are granted the same responsibilities as a tenured teacher, their position is unstable because they do not hold a teaching license. Therefore, it is a good move to get a teaching license in Japan if